Services and fees
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Expectant Parent Consultation $125

While expectant parent often have support and guidance during pregnancy and the birthing process, many feel left all alone once it comes to those sleepless nights. This individual consultation takes you through the basics of sleep, with an emphasis on sleep development in infants, appropriate sleep environments, gentle shaping techniques to get your baby off to a great start, and coping skills for those first months. 

Includes 90 min in-home/phone consult plus 2 follow up phone calls (15 min each) once your baby is born.

Newborn Baby
Newborn Sleep Shaping 0-4 months $200

While your baby isn't quite ready to sleep train yet, there are many steps you can take to shape their sleep and implement routines that will set you up for success once they're developmentally able to sleep for longer stretches. When parents utilize these sleep shaping tools and coping strategies from early on, many babies transition into excellent overnight sleep and daytime naps without ever needing to formally sleep train. 

Includes comprehensive review of your newborn's history, with attention to developmental stage and temperament, review of 5 day sleep log, 90 minute in-home/phone consult plus 2 follow up phone calls (15 min each).

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Gentle Sleep Package for 1 child
4 months-6 years $375
(add $75 for each additional child)

This package offers a comprehensive review of your child's history, 5 day sleep log, temperament and developmental stage. Working with all caregivers, we review your history form and sleep goals, and  create a customized step-by-step sleep plan for your family.

Includes comprehensive review of your child's history, review of 5 day sleep-log 90 minute in home/phone consult plus 8 follow up phone calls (15 min each) during the implementation of the sleep plan.
(Expect initial consult to be closer to 2 hours when discussing multiple children).

Mobile Phone
1 hour 'mini' consult $90

You know you need some help but you don't need as much support as the full package offer. This mini consult is an hour over the phone to work on a specific issue or just as a chance to ask all the sleep questions you've got stored up. Phone calls at an hourly rate can also be used as additional follow ups as needed.

Little Owl Sleep Consulting is based in Chicago and serves primarily the North side of the city as well as the Northern Suburbs. In-home consultations are available only for those areas. For all other locations, we offer phone or Skype options.