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Maximize sleep success on your family vacation

Summer is finally here and to many of us that means sun, swim, ice cream and…vacation! Whether you’re planning on visiting family, hanging out at the beach or something else, don’t let fears about sleep ruin your trip. Yes, it’s true that traveling with kids isn’t easy but there are some proactive tips you can use to make your nights (and days) go more smoothly. First, be thoughtful about when you are traveling. Whether flying or driving, do your best to maximize success. Heading to the airport right at bedtime is likely to get you an overtired, cranky child. Do what you can to start out when your child is most cheerful and pay attention to what works for your family. If your child sle

So, you've got a crib climber

So your toddler figured out how to climb out of the crib - yikes! Few parents are excited when that happens for the first time. The thing is, just because your little one can get out of the crib doesn’t mean it’s time to switch to a bed. A crib really is the safest place for babies and toddlers to sleep and it isn’t until somewhere between 2 1/2- 3 years that a child can cognitively understand the concept of ‘stay in bed until morning’. Being put to sleep in a bed before she’s ready can give too much freedom to roam, as well as a sense of insecurity to a toddler. You might feel certain that your kid just wants to be done with the crib but, with many curious toddlers, once the novelty of clim



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